7 Morning Mantras to Empower Your Day

7 Morning Mantras to Empower Your Day

7 Morning Mantras to Empower Your Day

“What lies behind us and what lies before us
are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” ~ Henry S. Haskins

The way we start our morning sets the tone for the entire rest of the day. 

If we wake up feeling stressed, down or overwhelmed, we will spread those toxic feelings into every hour thereafter. I’ve certainly been guilty of that, especially during early motherhood. Taking control of our perspective right from the start of the day can transform how we tackle all that gets thrown at us once we step foot into the outside world. 

For those of us whose emotions are often close to the surface, it is particularly important that we empower ourselves so that we’re not allowing the negativity or harshness of the world to run us down at any whim.

Below are seven morning mantras to help you lead the most empowered days possible. You can read them all every morning or choose one for each day of the week and repeat them to yourself over and over so they sink in.

I hope they help you start your day feeling confident, in control and courageous.

1. I am enough. 

Everything I have done up until this point is enough. No matter what has happened in my life, I am starting fresh today with nothing but possibilities. I was created with divine energy and I will honor that divinity within myself. I can and I will choose to believe in myself today, and every day forward. 

2. I have power over overwhelm, stress & anxiety.

I can change those feelings by changing my focus. Instead of focusing on areas of lack, I will focus on areas of strength. Instead of focusing on my mistakes, I will focus on the lessons I have learned. Instead of focusing on my fears, I will focus on my potential. And if things get really bad, I will remember that I am not alone, others have battled far worse, and love can save me from anything.

3. I will care for myself as fiercely as I care for others.

I will remember that I am deserving and that I cannot serve others when I am depleted and worn down. I will honor my needs for sleep, love, self-care and creativity. I will honor my emotions and all they may be asking me to address. I will make my needs and wants a priority so that I can live a well-balanced and joyful life.        

4. I am in complete control of my reactions.

No matter what life throws at me today or what words get spoken in my presence, I will consciously and mindfully determine how I react. My words and actions are not subject to the whims of others, they are within my authority alone. What other people say and do is their business, my behavior is mine. 

5. I will carry abundance & gratitude into my day.

I will take long, deep, slow abundant breaths whenever I feel lack. I will move gracefully and mindfully instead of stressfully rushing. I will see all that I have, instead of all that I do not. I will focus on all I have to be thankful for, instead of all I wish I could change. I will have patience with myself and patience with others. 

6. I will be the light I want to see.

I will brighten someone’s day. I will empower someone’s heart. I will point out the good instead of highlighting the negative. And when I falter, I will start over again. I will remember that I am here to serve a greater purpose. I will use my thoughts, words and actions contribute to the well-being of the world and all of its creatures. I will be an encourager, protector and nurturer for both myself and others. 

7. I can live a courageous life.

I can take chances. I can act despite my fears. I can do bold things. Life can get hard and throw lots of curveballs, but today and everyday forward, I will rise to the challenge. I will not hold myself back. I will not be my greatest enemy. I will remember that I am enough, I am deserving and I am strong. And I can live a life full of love and courage.   

What mantras do you use to help you feel empowered? 

If you’d like to print this, you can find a pdf download here: 7 Morning Mantras to Empower Your Day PDF

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4 Responses to 7 Morning Mantras to Empower Your Day

  1. Mary says:

    Thank you!!! x

  2. I’m a big fan of mantras and these are powerful, Liz. If I had to choose some favorites that apply to me right now, I would pick 1, 3, and 7. Here are a couple that have served me well: I am healthy, whole, and holy. I am calm, clear, and wise. The right “I am” statements can be so empowering. xox

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