{Gentle Powerful Souls} April Landes & Making Chocolate Healthy!

{Gentle Powerful Souls} April Landes & Making Chocolate Healthy!

Chocolate Covered Everything_________________________________________________
I get so inspired whenever I meet women following their heart and doing brave things to help the world. Women who are living their lives according to their own rules with a dream of leaving an impact. Their stories amaze me and they may inspire you as well.

I met April after my husband ordered some of her healthy chocolates for his mom for Mother’s Day. They were a huge hit and somewhere along the way April and I made a loving connection. April’s chocolates aren’t your everyday chocolates. April believes that the best chocolate indulgences are those that are healthy and all natural. April likes to “sneak the healthy” into all of her treats! April is just as sweet as her chocolates and I was so happy to interview her!

How did you get into chocolate? Where did this passion come from? 

My love affair with chocolate began when I was just nine years old. Someone taught me how to make chocolate covered strawberries at an after school event and I’ve been making them ever since. When I was growing up I constantly tried to make new desserts, but I had no clue how to make anything! My parents would laugh at all of my “interesting” creations, but I just kept trying.
Chocolate Covered Everything

Why is it important that your chocolates be healthy? What do you do to make them healthy? Do you have vegan chocolates?

I’ve always been athletic and health conscious and I’ve always believed that I can make almost anything myself. When I was in my 20’s I started getting frustrated that I couldn’t find candy bars that were healthy or health bars that tasted good so I created the health cluster, which is high fiber and high protein. A little while later, I wanted something with more protein so I created innards. At the time, no one was using natural peanut butter in anything and I didn’t want high-fructose corn syrup or hydrogenated oils, so I made my innards with simple ingredients — natural peanut butter and chocolate — that’s it! I try to eat only whole grains so all the cookies I bake are made with organic whole wheat flour, something that’s nearly impossible to find anywhere! My goal with Chocolate Covered Everything has always been to create truly delicious desserts that never taste “healthy,” so I sneak the “healthy” into everyone’s favorite treats. I do have vegan chocolates! My young cousins have Crohn’s, Colitis and lactose allergies, so I purposely choose chocolates that don’t contain milk proteins, which are great for vegans! 
Chocolate Covered Everything
What made you decide to start a business around your passion? 

Starting at that very young age when I learned how to make those chocolate covered strawberries, I always said I would open a chocolate covered everything shop. At one point I experienced some big life changes and needed a new direction. I went on a long trip to Europe and when I got back I decided it was time to see if I could really create Chocolate Covered Everything!

Did you have any fears about following your passion? How did you push past them?

Typically, I’m someone who gets an idea in my head and you can’t tell me that it won’t work. Starting a food business from scratch without an education in the industry is not easy! I had to teach myself EVERYTHING! It’s also extremely difficult to grow a business without outside funding, but the world needs what I make so I just work hard and push through. And nothing feels better than knowing how happy people get when they eat my products!
Chocolate Covered Everything 
What impact do you hope to leave on the world? What would be your greatest dream come true? 

I want people to understand that what they put in their body is important to their health. I don’t think you need to deny yourself things you want to eat, but everyone needs to get the chemicals and processed foods out of their primary diet as much as possible.
I think my greatest dream come true would be to just live the happiest life I can and help others live the happiest, healthiest lives they can. I wish more people would think about what would truly make them happy and pursue it. In a perfect world, I would love to start a foundation that brings happiness to people’s lives, whether it’s giving them everything they need to pursue their dreams or doing something small that just puts a smile on their face. For now, a healthy decadent treat seems to do the trick.
Chocolate Covered Everything
Do the words “gentle but powerful” resonate with you or your business in any way? If so, how?
I think allowing people to indulge in chocolate while keeping it healthy is gentle but powerful. It’s being gentle to our bodies and minds by having the healthy indulgence without the need to feel guilty because it’s natural ingredients.  Creating a healthier way to eat what we love is a small step towards making a huge difference for our bodies. In general, I think mindful eating is always gentle but powerful.
Chocolate Covered Everything

What important life lesson can you share that has helped you get to where you are today?

Don’t believe people when they tell you that you can’t do things. Everyone has fears and they tend to push them on others, but you need to pursue what you believe in or you’ll never know what could’ve been… And never give up!
Chocolate Covered Everything

April LandesApril Landes has been a health enthusiast and fitness buff her entire life. She created Chocolate Covered Everything, based on her philosophy that you can eat anything in the world as long as your primary diet is all natural, everything is eaten in moderation, and you exercise. After many years of countless individuals turning to April for advice, she realized that trying to get everyone to eat and live healthier lives would be a lot easier if she could give people what they want and just sneak the “healthy” into it. That’s exactly what she does with Chocolate Covered Everything!

Driven by the desire to help people live happier, healthier lives — April also helps people avoid skin cancer through her spray tanning studio, Bronze 365. Of course, each client is handed a healthy, decadent chocolate treat to enjoy as they depart into the world with their sexy glow! 

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