Are You Blocking Abundance? (& my trip far, far away…)

Are You Blocking Abundance? (& my trip far, far away…)

Everything you desire, the Universe wants to provide to you.
You just need to be open to receiving it.
See opportunities in disguised encounters,
see possibilities in unexpected happenings.

Receive and you will achieve.   

I was recently made aware of how I have been actively blocking abundance from my life. In my first GL newsletter I mentioned that I was just finishing a 6 month entrepreneurial coaching group. During a meeting in Seattle with that group, my coach made a very insightful observation on my ability, or inability, to receive.  Her observation has forever changed how I approach life and you may be able to relate…

My coach tried to give me a compliment. She said I’m a gifted writer. I responded that there are much better writers, I just enjoy it. She tried again, “No Liz, it’s really your strength, you communicate so well through writing”. My response went something like, “well, I’m no Shakespeare…”

She had enough. “I’m going to stop you right there. You have a problem with receiving. And if you’re unable to receive a compliment, you’re likely not open to receiving in any area of life.”

Someone chimed in, “Yeah Liz, when I told you your hair was pretty yesterday, you quickly said how awful it is.”

Okay, got it, no need to belabor the point. I have a problem…

It’s true, compliment my hair and I have an arsenal of insults prepared for myself. “No, it’s so thick and curly, very hard to manage.” “No, it can get so frizzy, it’s such a pain.” “Oh, it takes so long to do in the morning, such a hassle.” I’ve got self-depricating bullets to rifle off in response to just about every verbal compliment aimed at me.

I know I’m not the only one out there with this bad habit and women seem particularly prone to it.

Why do we disparage ourselves so? How did humility get so confused with insult?

And in refusing to receive compliments and other forms of abundance, apparently we’re not only robbing ourselves of what’s being offered to us, but we’re robbing the giver as well. As if to say, “thank you for the verbal gift you just sound waved to my conscious, but now please take that thing back, I’ve no need for it.”

So I started to think about all the other ways I’ve habitually blocked abundance from entering my life. Refusing gifts, doing work for free, turning down money, not going for things I want, focusing on the negative instead to the positive. Eyes low. Posture small. Voice soft.

And so my coach instructed me to simply say “thank you” the next time someone gives me a compliment. And to then thank myself for allowing myself to receive that compliment.

Practice receiving abundance in one area, and you’ll learn to be more open to it in all areas.

Old habits die hard… This little habit of mine is so ingrained in my subconscious that I’m constantly slipping. Compliment me online, and I can easily write back thank you. Compliment me in person, and my verbal assault habits kick in. But with awareness, practice, time and effort, I’ve made big progress.

I’ve found that whenever you learn a new life lesson, the Universe wants to see if you’re really paying attention. It always tests you.

Within a week of returning home from that trip to Seattle, I received an email from my tour guides in Tanzania. They were inviting me on an all expense paid trip to Tanzania so I could experience the country I’ve been selling through Your Time Travels first hand. Fancy hotels, all meals, private guide, on safari all week. ABUNDANCE.

Their last sentence: “We await your positive response.”

My first abundance blocking instinct: “No, I could never. That’s way too generous. I don’t deserve that. I really appreciate it but I haven’t earned that yet.” “Thanks, but no.”

Stop – Awareness. Practice. Effort.

My response: “I say YES.” 

Did you hear that Universe?

We serve no one and nothing by slamming the door on abundance. Welcome abundance and you will have more to share with others, you will have more to give.

And so on Thursday I’m leaving for the trip of a lifetime. My husband is joining me and we parlayed our flights to Africa into an extended layover in Paris using points to cover 4 free nights at a Starwood hotel.

New Years even in Paris. Abundance.

And when guilt creeps in, that maybe I don’t deserve this trip, it’s too indulgent, it’s bad timing, etc., I stop myself and remind myself to always welcome abundance into my life.

How have you been blocking abundance? Are you ready to stop this bad habit? I hope so. Let me know if you need any help. 




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27 Responses to Are You Blocking Abundance? (& my trip far, far away…)

  1. Gail Hughes says:

    You got it! Congrats!

  2. Oh, my goodness, Liz! A trip of a lifetime. Congratulations and enjoy….

    A trip to Africa is on my vision board. Pure heaven.

    Looking forward to the pics and all the gifted writing
    (;-) from Africa.


  3. MollyG says:

    So accurately stated. You are most certainly not the only one who does this! Enjoy your trip! Memories to last a lifetime. Also, I need to live vicariously so take a lot of pictures!!! Good for you for saying YES! And you hair always looks beautiful.

  4. Debbie says:

    Liz, terrific post! Thanks for the great advice!

  5. Freea says:

    Congrats…and what a wonderful story and post. Well spoken…and you are a talented writer.

  6. Lesley Fukumura says:

    Bon Voyage!

    I’m so loving your new blog/website. You are truly a creative & talented writer and are fully deserving of the abundance you’re attracting.

    Have a wonderful time & say ‘hi’ to all the animals for me! 🙂

    • Liz says:

      Hi Lesley! Thank you so much for saying that, so sweet of you. So glad to have you here. Bonjour from Paris & Happy New Year! & will bring pics back of all the animals! 🙂

  7. Jennifer says:

    Liz, I’m so thrilled to hear that you’re crediting yourself for being downright awesome! There’s something so beautiful about the way you craft words – gentle yet powerful is such a perfect tagline for you.

    Have an incredible time on your trip. Yes you deserve it, yes you have bomb-ass hair, and yes, you are worth of all the abundance in the world. Thank you for reminding all of us that we are too. 🙂


    • Liz says:

      Jen!! You are the QUEEN of awesome!! Thank you for saying that (& thank me! ;)). Bonjour from rainy Paris & Happy New Year to you & yours!! Cant wait to catch up on your videos & posts when I get back!! xoxo

  8. Toni says:

    Wow Liz, I truly appreciate this blog!! I mean really!!!!

    I am in the same situation. Always blocking “abundance” as you put it. Compliments shot down or self insults given. I guess I should work on this, also.

    This blog really opened my eyes. Amazing. And I’m so happy for you and this awesome trip you are attending!! That is just amazing. I hope you are enjoying yourself and every minute of it!!

    I will start working on “unblocking abundance” as best possible. Wish I had a coach like you. She seems awesome.

    Thank you.

  9. Liz says:

    Hi Toni! So glad this post was helpful. Awareness is the first step to making changes! Having a wonderful time on my trip so far. Thanks for leaving such a sweet comment!

  10. Sally Hope says:

    Oooooooh I love this post. I think most of the time when we don’t have what we want, we look to outside sources. “I don’t have enough money because the economy is bad and no one is buying,” or “I’m not in love because there are no good guys out there,” or whatever. But I think you bring up a really important point about receiving. If we aren’t able to receive, we’re not going to even realize that people are trying to give to us.

    Teachers always talk about change coming from within and here it is again, popping up. Come from a place of abundance, come from a place of receiving, and we get what we want. But if we block it off and shut it down, it’s our way of staying exactly where we are…stuck.

    Great post today. Love it. Love you.
    AND…I think you’re an amazing writer with killer hair, too.

    • Liz says:

      Awww thanks Sally, love you back. So agree, it’s like how some people seem to have endless opportunities always presented to them, or endless dates/relationships, etc., without even having to try hard. I used to think that these people just had something unattainable that attracted such prosperity into their lives, now I realize that they were just programmed to receive instead of setting up blocks like so many of us do. Here’s to knocking down the blocks in the new year!

      P.S. You also have killer hair my dear!

  11. Oooh Liz! This is so amazing. I think we’re all guilty of this and it’s definitely from conditioning and culture. I’m so glad you were open to hearing that from your coach. It’s amazing what a “slap in the face” (even in the form of a compliment!) can do.

    I’m cheering you on. You ARE an amazing writer. You’ve got vision. You’ve got heart. And now you’re letting all the good come to you. 🙂 Way to go!

    • Liz says:

      Nath!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! You helped me implement my vision with this site so much credit to you! 🙂

      It was definitely a good slap in the face/compliment. One of the best lessons I’ve learned of late for sure. I hope to keep receiving in every way. Out with the old habits in with the new right?!

      Cheering you and your booming business on as well!


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  15. Immaculate says:

    Thanks Liz for sharing this. I am learning to accept and be open to the universe…

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  17. Aimee Queen says:

    Liz this is incredibly amazing, your story trasformed me, Thank You and I thank me :). I'm very grateful.

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