The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

The Stories We Tell Ourselves…

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The stories we tell ourselves…
The guide us.
They define us.
They get proven true,
as we manifest our lives based on them.

What stories do you tell yourself? 

Do you ever say things like…

“I’m too sensitive…”
“I haven’t achieved enough…”
“I’ll be successful when…”
“I keep getting into bad relationships because…”
“Eating healthy is too hard because…”
“If only my parents hadn’t treated me this and that way, I could have been…”
“My passion for this or that may make people think I’m weird…”
“I’ll be happy when…” 

We all have our stories. They get programmed into us and then we repeat them to ourselves over and over again, often for years. I know I have…

What I’ve been noticing lately is that truly happy and successful people don’t wait until they’ve achieved their ultimate goals before they decide that they’re living the life of their dreams. As long as they’re following their heart, helping others and living true to their values, they tell themselves nothing but beautiful stories about who they are and what their potential is.

They seem to live in their story of success every single day instead of waiting to find something that deems them worthy of it. And by living within that beautiful story, they then create it.

Of course they aspire for more. Of course they have goals and dreams. But those aspirations and goals don’t downgrade the unfolding of their current story, they’re simply the next chapters, being manifested with each day.

Write your beautiful story… 

If you were writing someone else’s story, would you give that person beautiful luscious goals but then have her tell herself everyday the endless reasons why she’ll never achieve them?

Or would you have her live everyday believing in her potential so that instead of running from the big scary goals she continuously crept toward them, seeing the potential in every plot twist, instead of only the obstacles.

What stories do you have that aren’t serving you? What have you been telling yourself for years that you wish weren’t true? What have you been wanting to do that your story has been holding you back from?

What if you picked one area you wanted to focus on and rewrote your story around it. What if you decided that you were on your way to your goal? That it was going to be easy. That it was going to be fun. And then everyday you took one step forward proving to yourself just how easy and fun it is.

Maybe eating healthier has been on your list for awhile but the story you’ve been telling yourself is that it’s way too difficult, healthy food is boring, you suck at sticking to health goals, you have a slow metabolism so it won’t help anyway, or you simply hate exercising. What if you changed your story around to support your goal?

A year and a half ago my husband and I started green juicing. We’ve done it just about every morning since. We could have gone in two directions. We could have bitched over what a pricey pain it is to constantly restock our veggies every weekend, how long it takes to prepare in the morning, how annoying it is to clean the juicer afterward, how inconvenient it all is, and for me, how much I don’t enjoy being in the kitchen…

Instead, we found a routine that made it as easy as possible – we take turns each morning. We made it fun by often pouring our green concoctions into extra large red wine glasses with star shaped ice cubes and clinking our glasses together to toast like it was wine at dinnertime.

Complaining about the inconvenience or how much I don’t enjoy spending time in the kitchen didn’t serve our health goals. So we created the story that it’s fun and easy and even kinda romantic and we’ve stuck with it religiously ever since. That’s an easy example of course, many of our stories are a lot more emotionally charged…

The truth is I have a lot of stories I’m working on rewriting. Stories ingrained for too many years. Stories I didn’t even realize were stories, I simply thought they were fact. Once you realize they’re just stories, the fun part comes in rewriting them.  

Stories on ConfidenceIf you think about it, everything in life is a series of stories…

“Will I get that job…”
“Will I meet ‘the one’…”
“Am I really worthy of love…”
“Will I have an impact…”
“Will I succeed at…”
“Will I ever quit smoking…”
“Will I ever prioritize my health…”
“Will I achieve that dream…”
“Will I prove myself to so and so…”
“Will I only find true happiness when…” 

Whatever it is that you want, big or small, write the story in your ideal way. Write it as if you were already a success. Write it as if you were writing it for your best friend. The person you expect and want nothing but magical things for. Be your own best friend and write your story from that loving and supportive place.

Include the hiccups, the let downs, the disappointments – those just make the story more exciting. The story isn’t meant to be unrealistic, it’s meant to be forward moving… beginning, middle, end, and then some… All the plot twists simply move your story forward.

Rewriting our stories isn’t easy. It takes hard work, dedication, patience… but it can be done with time.

Can you recognize some of the not so great stories you’ve been telling yourself? Do you want to re-write those stories to include a little less negativity and a little more magic? 

Happy writing & rewriting.





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  1. Amy Scott says:

    Great post, Liz! I totally agree. Rewriting these stories can make all the difference.

  2. Noelle says:

    This is exactly what I needed right when I needed it. Thank you so much!

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