{Gentle Powerful Souls} Tina Pruitt & the Power of Juicing

{Gentle Powerful Souls} Tina Pruitt & the Power of Juicing

Tina Pruitt & the Power of Juicing

Tina Pruitt


I get so inspired whenever I meet women following their heart and doing brave things to help the world. Women who are living their lives according to their own rules with a dream of leaving an impact. Their stories amaze me and they may inspire you as well.

I met Tina almost two years ago and her story of cancer survival amazed me, as well as her elegance and glow. We’ve been friends ever since and I continue to learn so much from her and her healthy lifestyle tips. If you want to make healthy choices in your life, learn from experts like Tina who make being healthy glamorous.

Tina, your story is so powerful and moving, can you tell our readers why you got into juicing and how it’s changed your life?

I got into green juicing after my first cancer diagnosis in 2007. My first exposure to green juicing recipes was from Natalia Rose’s book about detoxing, and that was recommended to me by Kris Carr. Wow, look how far we have both come in that period of time! My life has changed in so many ways as a direct result of green juicing…. my health and outlook on life are so much clearer than they were for starters! Green juicing on a regular basis tends to lend itself to better eating habits overall – it is a side-benefit that we often don’t really think about. As a result of the juicing and the better eating decisions, we gain such clarity and start to desire a healthier lifestyle overall. Additionally, we start to look more amazing than ever… and not just from a scale perspective! Our skin glows, our hair and nails are strong, our eyes are clearer and sparkly, and just overall we look and feel so much better! For me, ALL these things have happened… it’s a great feeling!

What are three things people should know about the health benefits of juicing?

I have a list of benefits…. but if I had to choose my personal top 3 favorites they would be:

(1) Promotes alkalinity – shifts the body from acidic to alkaline 
(2) Creates a youthful appearance, smoother skin
(3) Encourages weight loss/control

For some other benefits, you can check out this blog post: What Are The Benefits of Green Juicing & Why Should I Start?

Tina PruittHow does juicing compare to drinking green smoothies? Is one healthier than the other?

The bottom line is… they both rock and are a great part of a super healthy lifestyle! If someone wanted to start with just one, I would suggest the juicing because of how quickly it can make changes come about in your body. BUT, I like to recommend doing both as an ideal situation! First, juicing is something I would say do everyday… but the smoothies, I would say do those when you need to add in some variety to your routine. The biggest difference is, you get far more variety with juicing because of the amount of veggies you can juice in just one day because you are not consuming the pulp/fiber as well. And while some may think, “but isn’t pulp/fiber good for us?”, well yes, it is! However, you are likely getting enough fiber anyway with a fairly balanced diet. 

You can also check out a blog post I have on this here: What is the Difference Between Juicing and Blending?

Your skin has such a glow and from the pictures on your About page it looks as though you’re aging backwards. Are you related to Benjamin Button?! Can juicing and eating a plant based diet really make us look younger?

Too funny! From my personal experience, I believe it can definitely benefit us in many anti-aging ways – internally & externally! Green juicing + whole foods is a powerful combination!

Do the words “gentle but powerful” resonate with you or your work in any way? (you don’t need to think of gentle in the usual sense, it can mean so many things, like eating healthy, reducing stress, being mindful of the ingredients we use and where they come from, loving and respecting our bodies, etc.)

I believe that when we are gentle with ourselves – in mind, body, and spirit – we can show up in the world in a very powerful way. Be gentle in our self-care, our self-love, our mind-talk, and overall just with our “selves”. Put our self-care first because if we don’t show up healthy and full of love and light, what can we really give to others?! So being gentle with ourselves can result in a powerful message to those around us.

What important life lesson can you share here that has helped you to thrive and pursue the life-changing work you’re doing today?

Obviously, eating and thinking the healthiest you possibly can is HUGE, and has been so important in my life. But, what is a super important lesson I learned was this – decide on what you want and then surround yourself with like-minded people who will ultimately support you on that journey. Go out of your comfort zone if needed….reach out to others who may have already been there.

Lastly, changing our food habits can be so hard, for anyone who wants to get more into juicing and eating a plant based diet, how can they work with you to achieve their goals?

I have several great products that are easily accessible via my Shop Page at www.tinapruitt.com/shop.  Two customer favorites are the Juice Yourself Healthy book and the online self-paced juicing program called The Juicing Experience.  

Juice Yourself Healthy BookJuice Yourself Healthy is a 64 page downloadable book is full of juicing tips, green juicing recipes, and a Lifestyler Action Sheet to get you on your way to green juicing today – whether you are a green juice novice or a green juice expert! This guide is jam-packed with everything you need to know to put juicing into your life and start experience the benefits of green juice right away.

The Juice Experience is an online program that includes the Juice Yourself Healthy Book, 6 videos, and several bonuses. In the book and videos I am teaching you how and what to juice so that you will gain the confidence you need to incorporate green juice into your daily routine. If you’re ready to learn quickly with fun and professional guidance, then The Juicing Experience is exactly what you’re looking for! You will have 24/7 access to your very own juicing program with me, The Green Juice Coach. This is your instant-access resource to get you on the fast track to the green juicing lifestyle today.

And then, of course, I have two great ways to work with me 1:1 – either a one-day intensive “Breakthrough Day”, or a 3-month Green Juice Lovefest coaching program where we have a weekly coaching call – plus a WHOLE lot more. Check out both of those and how we can work start working together in more detail here: http://www.tinapruitt.com/programs/.

Tina Pruitt


Tina Pruitt is The Green Juice Coach & a Healthy Living Expert ~ Specializing in Raw/Living Foods, Green Juicing and Personal Growth. Check out her blog and sign up to receive her weekly green juicing and living tips (and an awesome free gift) at www.tinapruitt.com.






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20 Responses to {Gentle Powerful Souls} Tina Pruitt & the Power of Juicing

  1. Talene says:

    Thanks for sharing this – I’ve been considering starting to juice…hopefully this will get me started 🙂

  2. Sarah says:

    “I believe that when we are gentle with ourselves – in mind, body, and spirit – we can show up in the world in a very powerful way.”

    This was really powerful for me. And I agree. If I can’t be gentle with myself then I most certainly cannot extend that to someone else.

    Tina- It was a honor to hear a bit about your personal story. I am continually blow away how our nutrition can heal the body. This is my area to continue to focus on. I bought a juicer in Jan. but have trouble making yummy ones!


    • Thanks so much Sarah…I got goosebumps when I read your post. It means a lot to me. Well, I can definitely help out with the “yummy ones” part, so get that juicer out on the countertop and check out my blog/newsletter!!

      It is an honor to recently have met you, and I look forward to getting to know you better in the upcoming months!

      xo, Tina

  3. Pam Pearson says:

    Wow! I love synergy!

    I pulled out my juicer last week (The Breville – the same one you have in the picture) and started using it again. I made a Green Lemonade this morning (the recipe I got from Natalia Rose’s book)and now come across your message!

    I’m glad to hear of the benefit that green juicing promotes alkalinity. Another reason for me to keep on juicing!

    Thank you

  4. Alara Castell says:

    Ahh juicing! Changing the way that I ate, changed the way that I lived life. When I first started my spiritual journey years ago, it started with what I consumed first. Juicing is one of the first things I tried and I was baffled at the benefits. I was so in tuned with my body, I lost weight easily, my skin had a natural glow and so much more. Eating better also changed my life as that was my entry into the coaching world. I started off as a health coach and now help heart based women entrepreneurs turn their passions into profits. Changing the way I ate opened new horizons in so many ways and I am so grateful. Lovely post. Thank you.

  5. The first time I “met” Tina was on Skype and when I got off our video chat all I could think was “Tina glows!” What a wonderful testament to the power of juicing and living healthy.

  6. Terri Ingraham says:

    I *totally* turned my health around from juicing and I’m always encouraged to read how others have done the same. Thanks for sharing this and I look forward to learning more from you, Tina!

  7. Emily Montez says:

    We keep talking about starting juicing. Everyone I know who has done it raves. But so far it’s hard to know where to start! I am sending my nutrtionist husband over to check out your books and program now. 🙂

  8. I’m definitely more in the “blending” category, mainly because I’ve never had a juicer to play around with. But all this talk about green drinks is making me want to invest in a Vitamix. They look so refreshing!

  9. Yes. Gentle but powerful is a mantra. A way of being. Powerfully gentle, too.

    I love your sage advice to decide what you want and then surround yourself with like-minded supporters. To that I raise a glass of green juice and say, “Cheers”!


  10. Amber says:

    Too funny. I had taken a couple of week hiatus from juicing (I think the raw kale and spinach were bugging me), but I get so energized when I do it! I’m back this morning with carrot, cilantro, cucumber, lime, and apple and am so energized!! And then I came about your post, which is brining home this morning’s decisions.

    Much love,

  11. Jenn Burton/ Have Him Your Way.com says:

    I certainly go back and forth on juicing… I definitely haven’t been as consistent as I’d like, but I do have a nice juicer. I’m thinking I’ll bust her out sometime today or tomorrow. You do definitely glow!

  12. You are one of the reasons I started juicing. While I wouldn’t consider myself a “juicer” I love making my own juices (especially green ones) to give me a quick boost of energy especially to kick the day off to a great start. Love that you have all kinds of ways for people to Juice with Tina from products to a full day with you to get started. AWESOME!

  13. Sarah Yost says:

    So glad to read this today. I’ve been wondering about juicing v. smoothies. This is exactly what I was looking for. I love your gentle approach too.

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