Gentle Spaces

Gentle Spaces

Gentle Space - Home Decor


Our lives are an exchange of energy.
Our bodies and minds create an energy that flows
around and between us, creating our auras.

Our things, our possessions, our homes, also create an energy…

home decor

Energies can overwhelm us at times,
especially those who are highly sensitive, highly intuitive.

The right energy in a room is like a flood of peace and tranquility,
in an overwhelming world.

Earthy home decor

A room’s energy can release blocks, inspire creations,
and fill you with peace, if you construct it to.

earthy home decor

Or the energy can deplete you,
leaving you with stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

rustic home decor

Your space is your creation, your art.
No matter how big or small your canvas is.

The colors, the textures, the materials, the decorative touches.
What you do with it is a reflection of your energy, your aura, your essence.

home decor

Align your space with your essence.
Align your essence with your space.
Working together they’ll bring you harmony.

rustic home decor

Take the time to make sacred spaces in your home,
for the health and energy of your mind, for the grace of your essence.

Tips for Creating Your Sacred Spaces: 

  • Determine how you want your home/room to feel when you walk into it: What adjectives matter to you? Zen, cozy, studious, minimalist, family friendly, elegant, retro, classic, modern…
  • Declutter, closet by closet, room by room, over time. The more you declutter, the more freely your positive energies will flow.
  • Toss or donate all unnecessary items that bog you down.
  • Decide what colors, textures and materials will create the energy and feeling you hope to create.
  • Shop for antiques or use reclaimed materials as an easy eco-friendly route (less manufacturing, less waste).

A Few Home Decor Resources: 

How do you create your sacred spaces?

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9 Responses to Gentle Spaces

  1. Donna Z says:

    How did you know this is what I needed and have been planning?

  2. Marcia says:

    I missed your gentle, wise spirit at our Mastermind meeting this week! I love your newsletter. It calms me down and helps me focus on what truly matters. Hope all is well with you, Liz!

  3. Jessica says:

    What if your spouse is a pack rat? This is something that we constantly struggle with. I hate “extra” and would love a more minimalist home, while he feels emotionally tied to…everything he owns. Decluttering is a losing battle for me. The very things that give him comfort, stress me out. Any advice?

    • Liz says:

      Hey Jessica,

      My husband and I have had the same exact problem. He wants to keep T-shirts & nick-nacks from junior high school! But I had my fair share of clutter as well. We worked it out by separating the visible areas of the apartment from the non-visible:

      Visible Areas: After many discussions, we agreed that the biggest compromises would be in the visible areas as those were the areas that affected me the most energetically. I took a lot of responsibility for the decluttering process and would put together piles of all the things I thought we could do without or that at least didn’t need to be on display. Then we’d tackle those items separately.

      Divisions for Hidden Areas: For everything behind closet doors, he has his sections and I have mine. We don’t mess with each other’s sections so he has total freedom to keep all he wants in his sections.

      Storing: We’ve donated an insane amount of stuff to Goodwill, you can at least argue that all that stuff is going to people in need. And for the things we couldn’t depart with but didn’t actually need in the house, we now store in the garages of family members. We have quite a few boxes hidden away.

      It took a lot of compromise, on both parts, and it definitely didn’t happen overnight. We’re still constantly working on decluttering. He doesn’t love when I go on my decluttering rampages but he’s learned to tolerate it 🙂

      Hope that helps!

  4. Talene says:

    This is great….just in time because I’ve slowly been starting to
    decorate my new space!

  5. […] (did this for years! now I check it as it comes in), too much clutter in my home (I am constantly de-cluttering lately!), too many social outings in one week, […]

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