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Checklist for Writing Blog Posts that Emotionally Engage Your Audience

"There are very few people I'd trust to instruct and edit the work of my blogging students, and Liz is one of them. Her sharp editing eye and exceptional advice helped hundreds of my students reach their blogging goals. Her passion for writing and helping others shines in all that she does."
~ Jon Morrow

Emotionally engaging your audience is the hardest thing to achieve as a blogger. But it's essential for growing a loyal readership.

As a self-improvement blogger who edited the work of hundreds of writers while working for Jon, I've learned a thing or two about writing with emotion.

Download this free checklist to learn the following:

  • The types of emotions each post must trigger.
  • The key to making your advice come alive.
  • 3 tricks for conveying emotions effectively.
  • Mistakes to avoid when trying to emotionally engage.
  • How to manipulate words and sentences to add emotional emphasis.

Get this right and you'll gain loyal readers who look forward to your every post.

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