{Shy Girl’s Manifesto} Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

{Shy Girl’s Manifesto} Susan Cain: The Power of Introverts

Susan Cain: The power of introverts - TED Talk

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As you may know, at Gentle Living we have quite the soft spot for the shy and introverted. So when my lovely friend Donna of Greenearth Travel sent me this TED Talk, I had to share it with you.

In this video Susan Cain talks about how introverts are constantly given messages that they need to be extroverted and how our most important institutions and schools are designed for extroverts. 

“Societies have always favored the man of action over the man of contemplation”. As she so beautifully articulates in her speech this is a great misfortune as introverts have unique strengths that should be cultivated.

I just received a copy of Susan Cain’s new book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking and I can’t wait to dig into it.

Please enjoy this video, may it give you courage to “speak softly”. 

Click here or on the video below.

Susan Cain: The power of introverts

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  1. Lisa Consiglio Ryan says:

    Ooooh, let me know if you like her book. I loved her talk,and those books in her suitcase! Very inspiring…I keep thinking of how she referenced Jesus and Buddha, sitting alone by themselves, contemplating what message to bring to the others. Beautiful!

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